Fresh off the presses and now available in the FlavorInnovator Store! This design is for all those who pursue their passions, put in work after their 9-5, give a 110%, and use their talent for the greater good. Regardless of the madness that inhabits this world you have the freedom to choose how to spend your time. Whether you paint, make music, teach, raise children, cook, or juggle chainsaws do something you truly love and stay dedicated to your craft.

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A mini video feature on Jo_Def.

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Listen/purchase: Steps by Jo Def

Jo_Def’s Steps is now available for DOWNLOAD! Check it out. Also a limited amount of 100 cassette tapes of the album available for $8! 


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Jo_Def - Steps

I know we’ve been silent on our blog lately, but in 2013 a lot has transpired for our members…new beginnings personally, new projects artistically…we’ve just been to busy to post!

But the biggest news we have right now is that we are super excited for our crewmate Jo_Def aka SupaKoopa, as his album on Soulection drops tomorrow! Visit their site and stay tuned.

A lot of the crew have been bumpin’ these tunes for a minute, and we’re excited for the world to hear what he’s been up to. It’s been exciting to see Joe’s versatility progress as a producer, and witness his evolution from SupaKoopa to Jo_Def…(he’s still SupaKoopa to us though).

Make sure you download tomorrow…you’re ears will be pleasantly surprised. Here’s the first single for you to peep:

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Best twerk video to date.

Watch @ the end 

Holy shit.


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Apparently this is supposed to be prince playing Basketball…for real. 


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Jo_Def live @ The Echo August 20th // Team Supreme // Soulection


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I know we’re late…but RIP George Duke.

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She kills this Miguel song.

- Jo_iLL

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A quick poster I designed while listening to KanKick’s “Acid Massive Musical”.

- Jo_iLL

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Dying from laughing. 

- Jo_iLL

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TONIGHT 9pm - 2am.  Official unveiling of the Mikesumoto x Romali Soundcloud print.

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Esgar’s recent Live Boiler Room mix from London. And if you still haven’t listened to Jo_Def’s mix from the same session scroll down for the earlier post.

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If you missed Jo_Def’s set on Boiler Room last week live from London…peep it here. Shout to Jo_Def, Esgar, and the whole SmashTales fam.

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